hyper short stories

May 20th, 2009 at 1:49 pm

by mary

While browsing job listings on Craigslist, I found an ad for writers to write stories using 50 words or less. This sounded right up my alley – tiny, short stories? Yes! I’ve written for two of the prompts so far – basically what they do is send you a prompt and you write using that. It’s a good little creative excerise for me and I like seeing stuff I wrote in other places. Check it out if you can, and submit your own hyper short stories!

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i should probably be working on something…

March 4th, 2009 at 2:53 pm

by mary

instead of writing this blog post. But I am feeling incredibly lazy today and I don’t know why. I have this “Cookie Calender” on my desk that has a recipe for “Honey Nut Squares” and I really want to make them instead of working on things for the rest of the afternoon. But I really should focus. I have a web site to finish, a new design to mock up, and some other web updates to work on. And yet… here I am. Thinking about Honey Nut Squares.

I’ll update that I am freelancing again. I quit my silly job in January after they announced a 20% pay cut and medicial benefits cut. Apparently they have reinstated medical though because I got a letter last week about COBRA. Anyway, I’m doing mostly wedding stuff now – writing for the San Diego Wedding Insider and doing web work for Ines Del Mar Weddings Magazine. I have a mock-up that I sent to Ines Del Mar’s art director last week that’s waiting for review. I have no idea what they’ll think of it. I thought it looked nice, but of course I did. We’ll see what happens there.

The other day I was killing some time before going to a friend’s house and I picked up Twilight and randomly went to the middle and started reading it again, and now I’ve been re-reading it every night before bed. I don’t know why I get so sucked into that series. It feels wrong somehow.

Okay, I’m going to try and focus now. Not on baking. On things that will make me money. No baking!

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November 30th, 2008 at 5:50 pm

by mary

Last week at work was awful. They laid off about 40 people. I managed to keep my job, but pretty much all of my work friends were laid off. There have been so many changes and adjustments at work that it’s simply not the same place it used to be. It’s unfun and kind of lonely. The only sort-of plus is that I have the option to either work from home once a week, or take the day off and have a four day work week. This would allow me to put in some extra time and effort into my side projects, like Sugar Branch Designs and doing my writing for San Diego Wedding Insider. So I guess that’s good, right?

In any case, it was nice to have the holiday to try and deal with this crap, though I still thought it was shitty to lay everyone off right before the start of the holidays. But whatever.

Sigh. I’ll just drown my sorrows in the joy of my new Xbox 360 and just leave it at that.

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twilight + random act of kindness

November 23rd, 2008 at 11:00 pm

by mary

Hey guess what? I’m a Twilight fan. Yes. Are you surprised? I bet you’re not, what with my other fasincations being other pop culture friendly things such as Harry Potter and to a lesser degree, Firefly. But anyway.

This weekend I went to see Twilight on Saturday morning. I didn’t go a midnight show nor did I go opening day. But really the only reason I didn’t go opening day is because I went to the movies with my friend and my boyfriend to see the new James Bond instead, something they were both willing to see.

I trekked out to the theater Saturday morning by myself to check out the movie, filled with excitment. As I was standing in line, two women (probably younger 20’s) came up to me while I was standing in line.

“Are you going to go see Twilight at 10:35A?”, one of them asked me.

“Yes, I am.”

“I accidently bought a third ticket, would you like it?”

“Oh, yeah… but I don’t have change.”

“Oh, no. You can just have it.”


“Really? Oh, well thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome.”

*Women walk away. I am left motionless momentarily.*

How nice was that? I was a little chocked up by a random act of kindness. And yes, I enjoyed the movie immensenly, but that’s probably because I love the book to death. I’m kind of sucker like that.

Here are some other things you probably don’t want to know.

* Secret Twilight items I own (that are not secret anymore):
– Cell phone case, which was supposed to be an iPod case, but my iPod didn’t fit in it
– A necklace with a quote from the book
– A Twilight t-shirt

The plus side to not being a teenager who loves Twilight is that A) I do not scream every time I see or hear something related to Twilight, though I do get excited on the inside and B) I can afford to buy whatever Twilight related things I like.

Hell yes.

The end.

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new website!

November 4th, 2008 at 6:19 pm

by mary

My new business partner and I have launched our new web site design company! The name of our new company is Sugar Branch Designs. We’re quite excited to be doing this and we’re excited that we actually launched on the day we set a few weeks ago… yay for goals!

So… um, do you need a new website? heh heh.

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birthday cake

October 26th, 2008 at 8:47 pm

by mary

My birthday was pretty much on the downlow this year. My friends, parents and I went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner and then Alyssa, Laura, Jacob and I went to see Body of Lies. Not too shabby.

I decided to also make my own birthday cake because I didn’t want to buy one and I wanted to try something new. I made a yellow cake with whipped cream, strawberry filling, and freshly sliced strawberries. I topped it off with a chocolate ganache, which I had not done before. I wish I had trimmed the cake a little bit, so it wasn’t dripping down the sides of the second layer. As a result, it was not completely smooth all around, but it was still okay, though not totally beautiful. But I’m sure no one but me noticed these little flaws.

All in all, the cake was tasty, the dinner was delicious, and I enjoyed my birthday for the most part. Yay cake!

There are more views of this cake (well, one more view) on my Flickr page if you want to check it out.

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