won ton

Owen was working the graveyard shift at the Won Ton Chinese Restaurant (it was open 24 hours for those late night hunger strikes). A call came in for a pick up dielivery. It was a girl - she ordered some egg rolls and egg drop soup. Owen put in the order and woke up the Chen in the back (Chen was the late night chef). Chen grumbled in Chinese and began preparing the order.

The girl came in a little while later - she was wearing a torn bright yellow shirt and jeans withe the knees worn out. She paid for the meal and HunG around the shop. Owen watched her and wanted to talk to her some more and tried to make small talk but she seemed kind of shy.

He gave her her order and gave her some extra fortune cookies for good luck.

No one else ordered for the rest of the night and he spent the early morning hours playing Mrs. Pac-Man.

The End.

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