you know what i've realized? everyone's cooler than me. it's true! people send us these cool links to stuff they did (it is usually peep related, mind you) but still i sit and i think, "christ, i'm such an ametauer that i can't even spell AMATEUR." (ps - if you're like me and you type in misspelled words into google in the hopes that it will give you the correct suggestion and spelling of the word, AMATEUR won't work - all the sex fiends of the world have fucked up the spelling enough on their webpages that all misspelling will find a web page).

anyway. what was i saying? oh, probably that i'm lame. but its okay, i'm at home with my un-coolness. if i wasn't i'd try to fit in and follow fashion or some crap and have phony friends who wear halter tops and sleep with guys for money. i hope no one's offended by these stereotypes. if you are, feel free to let me know - it will bring joy to my life.

i don't really have evidence to support my claim because i'm too lazy to come up with some. that would involve WORK and that would take away from precious video game time. actually, i'm lying (this ties in to my uncoolness) - i'm a very slow video game player and haven't gotten too far in the beauty known as zelda: wind waker. mmm, zelda. i love you.

what the hell was i just talking about? i'm busting out some faulkner here, yo. i am flowing with the spring of creativity that flows from my mind. it flows like a river to the sea to the ocean to the waves that lap the golden shores.

ahem. i think that last line i just wrote up there is more proof of my uncoolness.

i'm going to go now.