mary and i find it pretty fascinating what people are looking for when they stumble upon our site, and how disappointed they must be by what they actually find. and some people need a few lessons in effective search engine usage. listed below are some of our favorites of the search terms that have led the masses here.

i want to marry a indian guy
indian guy pic
indian guy
indian guy proclaims love for mary
pic indian guy
yaar indian
make them look bigger
green eyed girl
"that green eyed girl"
deathray power pop
monologues from the breakfast club
trashy apartments
software jobs niagra
aim shower away messages
pic of weird guy
girls cheating on their husbands
wives cheating on husbands
brown nose pic
exhibitionist communities
mohawk chat rooms
"really tall guy"
food cravings
how to make ham Sandwichs
hello kitty zines
feet fetish cat
Delhi feet fetish
feet toes fetish
bare feet and toes
bare feet toes
bare toes feet
girls feet and toes
sucking toes
women feet/toes
favorite dick size
"hooking up" oral
breasts * window
kinky sex stories
hott woman
hott women
women hott
hott sluts
impressing women
"impressing women"
"impress women"
impressing a women
impressing and women
tips for impressing women
how to impress women
impressing a woman
tips on impressing women
dating tips
Dating tips
Tips for Guys
articles on dating
dasani water
buy dasani water
"dasani bottled water"
mood nail polish
mood change nail polish
temperature changing nail polish
changing moods nail polish
Mark paul Gosselaar, died
mark-paul gosselaar died dead
is dustin diamond dead
saved by the bell kelly cheerleader
dustin diamond died
"dustin diamond" dead
dustin diamond overdose
screech saved by the bell died
screech powers
kelly slater drug overdose
zack and kelly
belding AND saved by the bell saved by the bell guitar
Saved By The Bell ratings
"saved by the bell the college years"
1. the majority of these have been used to get to our site multiple times.
2. the majority of searches for "dating tips" and the like come from aol search.
3. there must be something we don't know about indian guys. this indian guy has a page, but i'm not particularly impressed.
4. it's acceptable to spell "hot" as "hott."
5. there are a lot of horribly confused and misguided men out there.
6. i'm never exposing my feet in public again. i'm putting my sandals in the trash as soon as i finish writing this.
7. people really like water.
8. people still care who dustin diamond is. let me put all of your minds at ease: he is alive and well. he completed an instructional chess video in january, available from
9. people still care about mark-paul gosselaar. he's alive too. he just did that shitty made for tv movie about the bahraini princess who hooks up with a marine.
10. a lot of you are some sick bastards, and i'm glad i don't know you.

let's hear it
the plain jane