old re-discovered quotes:

"if they have cider they can make hard cider - just leave it outside for a while."
- some guy at that buffalo restaurant in julian, 09.11.00

"look at the red truck, it's so big. red truck. look at that red truck."
- julian guy

"i'm like a seal. i have a layer of fat on my body."
- unknown julian quote, alyssas handwriting

"it looks like i have ufos in my soda."
- mary, 09.11.00

"i feel like we're on an obstacle course except there are no obstacles."
- mary, 09.11.00

new quotes:

"it's so cold in here that no virus could survive - i could have the flu and you wouldn't even sniffle."
- mary's co-worker, 4/9

"i can respect that... barley. but i can respect that nonetheless."
- mary's co-worker, 4/12

"i'm about to get in a cock fight with someone who doesn't have a cock."
- bill @ friday's, 4/14

"this guy ran a 40-mile practice run. where do you run 40 miles? there aren't any 40 mile loops. he must have just gotten on I-5 and ran down to chula vista."
- mary's co-worker, 4/16

"fargo - isn't that in south dakota?"
"no, it's in north dakota."
"oh god, that's the same thing isn't it? why do they even put south dakota on a map? it's all cold."
- mary's co-workers, 4/16

"hey, do you get radio reception in south dakota?"
"...yeah. we even have cable tv."
- mary's co-workers, 4/16

"so do you hate all people from north dakota?"
(laughter) "yeah."
"oh man, now i want to go find someone from north dakota and see if i can get him all riled up! (pause)... how many kids did you have in your high school? like six?"
- mary's co-workers, 4/16

"hey do you have computers in south dakota in the schools?"
"oh yeah."
"do they still play 'oregon trail'?"
- mary's co-workers, 4/16

"he's just your run-of-the-mill perfect guy. who says 'run-of-the-mill'? what a lame-o."
- girl @ friday's, 4/16

"is yosemite in south dakota?"
"no, it's in california."
"oh... i mean... yellowstone. oh what the hell's the difference? is yellowstone there in wyoming?"
"... wyoming is a seperate state."
- mary's co-workers, 4/17

"that old lady scares me. i jumped out of body last night while looking at her."
- waiter @ friday's, 4/19

"how long's your flight?"
"i fry... whoa, uh, okay, i'm japanese now."
- mary & stacey @ friday's, 4/20

"don't be afraid of stencils."
- girl @ fry's electronics, 4/21

"don't tickle your friend bill, pet your friend bill. pet! pet!"
- bill, 4/22

"why did he trade that car in?"
"oh, because he knocked up his wife - err... girlfriend."
- some guys @ friday's, 4/25

"too bad there's no word that ends in '-oba'."
- alyssa @ friday's, 4/25

"whoa, a new shredder! rock on!"
- overheard somewhere near mary's office, 4/26

"do i have a daughter? i am my own daughter."
- some dude at the the city attorney's office, 4/26

"he's the perfect man for me, not disgusting, cute, and sterile."
- stacey, 4/28

"i need to have everybody's hand on my ass."
- bill @ john's place in yucca valley, 4/28

"he's the only one who knows i've been here for nine hours because all he does is site there and watch me for nine hours."
- mary's co-worker, 4/30

"what's with you saying that all of the time?"
"what? i just like to say, 'i hate la', i've been saying it since 1983. i hate la!"
- mary's co-workers, 4/30

"just the words 'corn-tassling' bring back bad memories."
- mary's co-worker, 5/1

"there are just some things your city slicker mind can't comprehend."
"yeah, i just can't imagine all that land. i think there's got to be a golf course or a mall here or something."
- mary's co-workers, 5/1

"do you want to shave me?"
- mary's co-worker, 5/4

"asians don't party in boston."
... (break) ...
"there's racism in boston."
"well you could go party in chinatown..."
"yeah see, you have to keep them segregated."
"no... boston isn't racist. we're the home of the freedom fighters!"
- mary's co-workers, 5/4

"it's been awhile since i've seen that sandwich."
"- mary @ chili's, 5/4

"my name is stevie nicks! i'm a leprechaun#@!"
- alyssa @ the movies, 5/4

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