GrendelPrimed: Ok. I should ask you something about decorum. As a guy, every so often you will see a really attractive girl.... but she is pushing a stroller. Should you, as a guy, assume that she is married or should you approach and disregard the signs?
ladykyten: hm
GrendelPrimed: This should have been a question for your love advice on Jane.
ladykyten: it should be. i might have to pass it to alyssa.
ladykyten: maybe i can get her to update the site for once

1. look for a ring. if there is no ring, continue to step 2. if there is a ring, abort mission.

2. put out subtle feelers for possible interest, keeping in mind that the friendly approach is the one to use on new moms. they have a system of dating that will be totally separate from that of other women.

3. if she seems receptive, this is the time to try to befriend her. hitting on her in any direct fashion is likely to be fruitless, since her priorities will be ordered differently. however, if you're not worried about being denied, this will be a compliment to her at any rate, and will remind her that there's still an attractive girl in there somewhere.

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