it seems that a great deal of people find our site through the search terms "dating tips" or "impressing women". we don't really have any dating tips on our site, so we took it upon ourselves to share our wealth of knowledge with you all. we wouldn't want to dissappoint our audience after all. so for your reading pleasure we have constructed a mediocre dating guide. we hope you enjoy it.

things to remember:

its worthless to be nervous for a date. sure, you'll probably be a little nervous beforehand anyway but during the date it comes down to this: either the other person digs you or they just suck and you wouldn't want to date them anyway.
be yourself. if you try to make yourself out to be something you're not, then the other person really isn't falling for you but a fantasy that you made up. and that sucks.
good hygiene is important. no one wants to hang out with smelly, greasy looking people. the "smelly kid" in school was taunted for a reason.
there are some things you shouldn't talk about on first dates. for instance, talking about your plots for revenge against your ex, your current girl (or boy) friend (if you have one), that foot fungus you have, the fact that you like to dress up in your mother's clothes and pretend to be your mom, or that you like to sit in the closet and sniff paint fumes don't really go over well on the first date.
don't bring your friends on dates. if it's going to be a group thing, let the other person know. there's nothing more awkward than showing up on a date only to find that you're going out with your date and all their friends and you have no one to cling to.
if the date sucks and you want to leave, don't say something like "oh, my pager's going off. i have to go check it" and then never come back. that's so weak. at least come up with a better excuse for crying out loud.
eye contact is a pretty good thing.
don't expect the other person to pay for you.
if you've only been with somone for a week, it's usually not a good idea to tell them how much you've missed them already. it's kind of creepy.
don't do all the talking, or alternatively, don't let the other person do all the talking.
don't schedule two dates back to back. eventually you'll start mixing names up and they'll get suspicious.
when meeting new people, give them your number instead of asking for theirs. that way they can decide whether or not they want to talk to you and you don't force them into any weird situations.

the plain jane