a round robin story


They have food and bikes in china + lots of people and some communists. the flag is red with some stars or something. I like fried rice. is that chinese? my mom makes it too (she is not chinese!!)

     egg rolls are good.
     woot china.

(scribbled across half of the rest of the page)

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There it was, the storm. "The Storm"? Yes, the storm. I started to think what exactly "the storm" is, but I couldn't remember. Once, I asked someone about this mysterious "storm". I didn't get a responce from ANYONE. (non-storm-knowing assholes.) I called the weather channel about some information about the storm, they hadn't a clue either. I was a bit pissed about their ignorance, but whatever, they are so fucking lame. You know, the storm eats egg rolls. Yum!


the storm obviously isn't a healthy storm. i later discovered that is was called the cholesterol storm because it eats eggrolls and bacon. this storm went throu alysas apartment and got lard all over the rug. then pete the squirel flew through the window, stole lopers keys and drove to the 7-11 and helf the slurpy (two EEs are written above slurpy) machine for two dollars and fifteen cents. pete loves jello, that's because he grew up in vermont.




I've never made love by lantern shine
I've never seen rainbows in my wine
But now that you've come in my life
I'm beginning to see the light.


I saw a light once. They said it was because I was dead. There was a light I was somewhat pulled to, and some random voices saying "Go into the light". I, however, have issues with authority, so I said "FUCK YOU" and went the other way. Thus I live.

(another writer)

I can't see the light or rainbows in my beer because of the froth. It's maybe clearer if I blow the froth, but then it ends up in my eyes, then you can see rainbows. I can't see the light because Stacey turned it off.

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