Charlie was a lonely sole. (SOUL) - he spent lots of time at coffeehouses and bars - Charlie liked to draw pictures. One day he was in a cafe, sipping some tea (he didn't actually like coffee) and saw a girl come into the cafe - she was a petité girl with a bright orange sweater on. She ordered a pot of coffee and headed to the back. Charlie watched her and started to draw her. He left and then he walked the streets back to his apartment only a few blocks away.

He kept on drawing and working and about a week later he saw that bright orange sweatered girl again. She came and got another pot of coffee and she had a lot of books w/ her so he helped her to her table.

She was thankful and offered him some coffee - and he drank it!

They had many coffee breaks together and he showed her his drawing of her and she was impressed.

Then they went for Coronas (Brillance stimulating drink!) and drank together.

The End.

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