"fear of drowning makes sense, fear of water makes it sound like she doesn't want to take a shower."
- some guy at the movies (jay & silent bob strike back), 8/25

"hey, you want to buy half a sandwich from me for a dollar?"
"i thought you were waiting to go to lunch you prick!"
- mary's co-workers, 8/26

"what do you do? just come in to wield power over him? you come in, crack the whip, go home and smile."
- mary's co-worker, 8/26

"i'm basically consuming flour in different consistencies."
- alyssa @ filippi's, eating fettucine alfredo, 8/29

"it's halfway between betelgeuse and fettucine."
- alyssa, 8/29

"are you on a diet?"
"i'm just eating light."
- alyssa & jc @ friday's, 9/5

"it isn't a diet if i haven't declared it yet."
"he is on a diet!@#!"
- jc & alyssa, 9/5

"aren't you scared to go out at night?"
"what is there to be scared of?"
"the bogeyman!"
- mary & her mom, 9/5

"i'm telling you man, there's just something about your aura that computers don't like."
- mary's co-worker, 9/7

"two people with chronic migraines should not make babies."
"i'm going to write that down."
"but i'm glad to be alive!"
- alyssa & mary @ friday's, 9/9

"what ever happened to gongs?"
- alyssa, 9/9

"he was saying, 'i'm 40 years old, i'm not married, i don't have a kid. i don't even have a dog!'"
- guy @ claim jumper, 9/14

"pennies taste like blood."
- alyssa, 9/15

"all the good songs have 'oxide' in them."
- alyssa @ friday's, 9/19

"there are a lot of good songs about georgia. i want to go there someday."
- alyssa @ friday's, 9/19

"five is easy to remember because that's how many fingers i have on one hand."
- alyssa, 9/24

"damn, i think i should just carry around a bucket of cold water or become a slut."
- muppet, 9/24

"she's one candle short of a bowl... or however that saying goes."
- some guy outside smoking, 9/25

"that should be the new tv show - drop people off in south dakota and see who lasts the longest."
- mary's co-worker, 9/25

"allright, i'm going to AMPM."
"don't spend all your money in one place."
- mary's co-workers, 9/25

"you're a little penis and you shoot bugs."
- brandon, 9/25

"i read a lot of historical books and a lot of historical figures were hot and it makes me sad they're dead."
- alyssa, 9/29

"austin, texas used to be called waterloo."
"wow. you know, i'm glad i don't live in corpus christi because i don't want to live in the body of christ."
- mary & georgy on aim, 10/1

"the couch in our apartment is half maroon and half muppet orange."
- georgy, 10/1

Etceteral: the customers give us shit about being on hold for hours, etc...
Etceteral: although thankfully, it's not "real" work
24 hours at McDonald's would give me a nervous breakdown
Etceteral: i'll just think of myself as the nerd equivelent of a fire fighter :-) hehe
Etceteral: we should set up a pole so we can slide down into the data center at a moment's notice
- jc on aim, 9/2

forlornalyssa: we should go to viejas with my nickels.
forlornalyssa: i still have them
forlornalyssa: we should take them in the competing casino's cup too.
ladykyten: hahah
ladykyten: yeah i guess you wouldn't spend those
ladykyten: since its just a bunch of damn nickels
ladykyten: i want dime slots dammit
ladykyten: well, they have dime slots in laughlin.
ladykyten: like two.
forlornalyssa: i like dimes though.
forlornalyssa: i like nickel slots because nickels are stupid
forlornalyssa: and i want to make them go away.
ladykyten: heheh.
forlornalyssa: i don't remember ever having pennies in france
forlornalyssa: the smallest coin was like a dollar or something
forlornalyssa: well
forlornalyssa: a franc
forlornalyssa: i mean really
forlornalyssa: what the hell do we need all of these cents for
forlornalyssa: everything is fuckin expensive anyway.
ladykyten: *saves conversation*
forlornalyssa: shut up.
ladykyten: bahah
forlornalyssa: i'm going to bed where my sentiments will be appreciated
forlornalyssa: i almost typed "gong" instead of "going."
forlornalyssa: i should get a gong.
- alyssa & mary on aim, 9/9

the plain jane