"i'm not sad, the sadness is in my nose."
- alyssa on shoutcast, 2/26

"maybe the mucus in my nose needs happy music like in ghostbusters."
- alyssa on shoutcast, 2/26

"mom, can we listen tupac?"
"no one wants to listen to tupac."
- tyler & toni, on the way to talkeetna, alaska, 3/1

"i like crack addicts."
- toni @ sarah's wedding, 3/1

"that dog has springs on his feet!  boingy, boingy."
- woman @ iditarod, 3/2

"do they give you parkas when you get off the plane in alaska?"
- co-worker to mary, 3/4

"you know why i don't wear green on st. patrick's day?  because i'm irish every fucking day!"
- some guy @ flogging molly concert, 3/17

"if you're not feeling good, i suggest you head to the bar and drink five guinesses and come back to the dance floor."
- lead singer of 'the slackers', 3/17

"come on you hairless bastard!"
- lead singer of flogging molly, to band member, 3/17

"they don't have soccer on tv here and i fucking hate it."
"get digital cable!"
- flogging molly lead singer & some guy, 3/17

"you're no longer the 'hamburglar', you're the 'saladburglar'."
- mary's co-worker, 3/21

"i can feel it, its like heartburn."
- jc @ the ould sod, 3/27

"you can suck the beer out of your little friend."
- ross @ the ould sod, 3/27

"who wants a boy haircut?"
"my mom."
"yeah, but who else besides your mom?  she's married already.  that's what we're all waiting for - then it's all coming off."
- alyssa & mary, 4/8

"stop licking my horn!"
- muppet, 4/20

"look, it's satan!"
- muppet, 4/20

"quack, quake, whore!"
- stacey, 4/20

"i love bean dip in the springtime...."
- alyssa & stacey, singing, 4/20

GrendelPrimed (4:02:05 PM): I used to do that when Kelley worked at Carnegie Melon.
ladykyten (4:02:28 PM): what's carnegie melon?
GrendelPrimed (4:02:32 PM): College.
ladykyten (4:02:38 PM): ohh
ladykyten (4:02:48 PM): i thought it was like.. some kind of juice place.
GrendelPrimed (4:02:53 PM): lol.
ladykyten (4:03:08 PM): like jamba juice
GrendelPrimed (4:03:14 PM): Yeah... "Can you pull Kelley off the juicer line, I want to tell her sweetly that I am thinking of her."

GrendelPrimed (4:03:47 PM): No. She worked there as a receptionist for a while, before she went on to teach at Carlow University.
ladykyten (4:04:03 PM): ahhh
GrendelPrimed (4:04:05 PM): I used to call up with phony questions.
GrendelPrimed (4:04:20 PM): I was asking questions about some kooky major.
ladykyten (4:04:23 PM): alyssa called me when i worked at various receptionist jobs, too
GrendelPrimed (4:04:38 PM): Then she would be pissed and say, "Oh, Jesus, Ron."
ladykyten (4:05:13 PM): heh
GrendelPrimed (4:05:29 PM): Alyssa would call up, breathing heavily into the receiver, I imagine.
ladykyten (4:05:41 PM): yeah, that was her favorite thing to do
GrendelPrimed (4:05:48 PM): I knew it.
(4:05:49 PM): she's such a ho.

RadioFreeGeorgy (11:18:45 AM): an essay, by georgy
RadioFreeGeorgy (11:18:47 AM): dishes suck
RadioFreeGeorgy(11:18:48 AM): the end

ladykyten (11:10:30 AM): "At the ThinkGeek office, we have all our overhead fluorescents *always* turned off. "
h 4pp1e (11:10:40 AM): hahaah
h 4pp1e (11:10:45 AM): thinkgeek rules
h 4pp1e (11:10:47 AM): heh
ladykyten (11:10:50 AM): the tech guys all work in the dark here
ladykyten (11:11:02 AM): i came in on the weekend once
h 4pp1e (11:11:04 AM): we do..
ladykyten (11:11:06 AM): and it was dark.
h 4pp1e (11:11:13 AM): after 5pm
ladykyten (11:11:18 AM): i turn on the lights when i come in in the morning.
h 4pp1e (11:11:19 AM): they turn the lights off
ladykyten (11:11:58 AM): well, okay, i sit in the dark at my computer at home
h 4pp1e (11:12:10 AM): hehe
h 4pp1e (11:12:12 AM): w00!@#!
h 4pp1e (11:12:17 AM): the dark!
ladykyten (11:12:23 AM): heh
h 4pp1e (11:12:31 AM): i usually only have one light on at my place
h 4pp1e (11:12:34 AM): in my "room"
h 4pp1e (11:12:35 AM): ;-)
ladykyten (11:12:40 AM): i should up open up a geek coffeehouse
h 4pp1e (11:12:42 AM): my BIG $500 room.
ladykyten (11:12:49 AM): that's only open from 8pm-5am
h 4pp1e (11:12:49 AM): haha
ladykyten (11:12:53 AM): and its dark
h 4pp1e (11:12:54 AM): HAHAHA
ladykyten (11:13:03 AM): with a few desk lamps
ladykyten (11:13:21 AM): and you can buy coffee by the pot
h 4pp1e (11:13:29 AM): aahahah
ladykyten (11:13:29 AM): and have a bunch of geek games
ladykyten (11:13:36 AM): and computer data ports
ladykyten (11:14:22 AM): haha the thought makes me laugh
h 4pp1e (11:14:26 AM): yes
h 4pp1e (11:14:28 AM): very much so
h 4pp1e (11:14:40 AM): you should open it next to starbucks
h 4pp1e (11:14:40 AM): haha
ladykyten (11:14:48 AM): heh
ladykyten (11:15:04 AM): "we open when starbucks closes"
h 4pp1e (11:15:26 AM): hahaah


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