broadcasting fun
blearghawhile ago i suggested to alyssa that a fun feature for the site might be if we went to the asian market and tried out a bunch of the weird asian treats that they have there. i've been to the asian markets hundreds of time, yet they never cease to amaze me with the odd things they have there. so, after my mom made me go to the asian market, i decided to pick out a few things for us to try while we did our sunday night broadcast. here's some photos to amuse you.

yes, i'm a bright orange drink.the "thai tea" was one of the drinks we tried. alyssa thought it looked a lot like carrot juice (which i agree, it does). she also managed to spill some of the juices on her jeans and she was orange for the rest of the night. i don't really remember the taste of it, but i don't think i liked it that much. it had a weird, kind of spicy after taste that i didn't really enjoy that much. at least it was only 79 cents. at least i didn't pay for it, either.

"how uh... tasty," thinks alyssa.

  don't eat me!  i'll poision you!this is tamarind candy. neither of us really liked it. my mom does though. its sour and odd. alyssa told a lovely story about going to school in the barrio or something. i wasn't paying attention to what she was saying. i just like to tune her out sometimes.

here's alyssa with the "jelly joy" which is a "slurrpy mango jelly juice" or as i like to call "weird crappy juice with texture". the actual mango juice wasn't bad, but those little jelly balls in it made for a horrifying experience. your juice just shouldn't have little gelatin balls in it. we also had to squeeze the bag to get it to come out, which resulted in a lovely sound which we shared with the auidence. here are some comments that might help you to experience that moment of fine internet radio:

greg: jelly joy sounds disgusting.
greg: i just lost my dinner

will: i think I'm gonna warn you in a minute, that's some gross sounds

bill: btw
bill: that sound of that drink bag or whatever it was
bill: quite disturbing

jelly joy! fun in a bag!

next up! milk candy.

alyssa actually really liked this stuff. i'll admit it wasn't too bad. it tasted a lot like sugary, condensed milk. it was quite creamy. alyssa ate like nine of them at one time because she liked them so much. okay, maybe two at a time. the best thing about them was that they had little scenes on the packages. one was a field of cows, one was two little dutch kids with a horn, and i don't remember the third one, but there was a third one. maybe a milk factory something. i don't remember. the only word on the bag i understood was "milk", everything else was in japanese. or chinese. hell if i know.

"finally, something that tastes good!"


"cow eyes"

and finally, we had some puto. alyssa kept prodding it through the package and telling me how weird it felt, apparently it felt like prodding a cow's eye to her and why she's been out prodding cow's eyes is beyond me. there must be some unhappy cows in the world with a vendetta against alyssa. this was the one item i knew i would like. i'd had it numerious times at various parties when i was growing up. it's like a favorite dessert of a lot of filipinos. i think it's tasty. alyssa didn't eat much of it.

"yum, yum!"

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